Result Optional Storage

Helpers for optional storage of evmc_result. More...


union  evmc_result_optional_storage
 The union representing evmc_result "optional storage". More...


static union evmc_result_optional_storageevmc_get_optional_storage (struct evmc_result *result)
 Provides read-write access to evmc_result "optional storage".
static const union evmc_result_optional_storageevmc_get_const_optional_storage (const struct evmc_result *result)
 Provides read-only access to evmc_result "optional storage".

Detailed Description

Helpers for optional storage of evmc_result.

In some contexts (i.e. evmc_result::create_address is unused) objects of type evmc_result contains a memory storage that MAY be used by the object owner. This group defines helper types and functions for accessing the optional storage.