evmc_host_interface Struct Reference

The Host interface. More...

#include <evmc.h>

Public Attributes

evmc_account_exists_fn account_exists
 Check account existence callback function.
evmc_get_storage_fn get_storage
 Get storage callback function.
evmc_set_storage_fn set_storage
 Set storage callback function.
evmc_get_balance_fn get_balance
 Get balance callback function.
evmc_get_code_size_fn get_code_size
 Get code size callback function.
evmc_get_code_hash_fn get_code_hash
 Get code hash callback function.
evmc_copy_code_fn copy_code
 Copy code callback function.
evmc_selfdestruct_fn selfdestruct
 Selfdestruct callback function.
evmc_call_fn call
 Call callback function.
evmc_get_tx_context_fn get_tx_context
 Get transaction context callback function.
evmc_get_block_hash_fn get_block_hash
 Get block hash callback function.
evmc_emit_log_fn emit_log
 Emit log callback function.
evmc_access_account_fn access_account
 Access account callback function.
evmc_access_storage_fn access_storage
 Access storage callback function.

Detailed Description

The Host interface.

The set of all callback functions expected by VM instances. This is C realisation of vtable for OOP interface (only virtual methods, no data). Host implementations SHOULD create constant singletons of this (similarly to vtables) to lower the maintenance and memory management cost.

Definition at line 718 of file evmc.h.

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