evmc_tx_context Struct Reference

The transaction and block data for execution. More...

#include <evmc.h>

Public Attributes

evmc_uint256be tx_gas_price
 The transaction gas price.
evmc_address tx_origin
 The transaction origin account.
evmc_address block_coinbase
 The miner of the block.
int64_t block_number
 The block number.
int64_t block_timestamp
 The block timestamp.
int64_t block_gas_limit
 The block gas limit.
evmc_uint256be block_difficulty
 The block difficulty.
evmc_uint256be chain_id
 The blockchain's ChainID.
evmc_uint256be block_base_fee
 The block base fee per gas (EIP-1559, EIP-3198).

Detailed Description

The transaction and block data for execution.

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